How Nastah got its name?

by / Friday, 08 June 2018 / Published in News/ Announcement

Do you know that Malaysia is the world’s biggest supplier of rubber gloves capturing more than 60% of global market in volume? Rubber gloves have been the largest contributor to the Malaysian rubber products industry.

As we benefit from the advantage of living in the country of origin of Natural Rubber, 30 years ago we have already started to make the most of our natural resources and turn it into rubber gloves products that enable people to carry out their work safely.

We called ourselves The Hand Protector. The pioneer in Malaysia rubber gloves industry since 1987, Nastah Industries Sdn. Bhd.

Ever wonder where we got our name “Nastah” inspired? How does our name “Nastah” connect to the rubber gloves industry?
If you ever wonder about it, here is the story:

Nastah got its name inspired by a phrase from our national language, “Nasional Getah” (meaning “national latex”, whereby natural latex is produced from rubber trees that can be found widely in our country), hence the abbreviation “Nastah” is born.