How a Gloves OEM Can Help You Diversify Your Gloves Product Range?

If you’re a wholesaler or retailer of gloves, then you’ll know that a diversity in your product range is crucial. Your customers could range across a variety of different needs and if you are to capture that business you need to have a variety of options for them to choose from.

Getting this right is easier said than done though, because you need to work with the right supplier who is able to generate these different varieties. You want to find a manufacturer that is adept with nuanced customization.

This customization can happen across a few different dimensions. So, here are some examples of the opportunities that are available to you:


White-Label Brands.

Here at Nastah, we help our clients to establish their very own brands of gloves, by white-labelling some of the key products that we produce and procure.

With our customization services, you can get the look and feel that you’re looking for without going anywhere else.

This brand can then be leveraged in a number of different ways while you’re still coming to the same manufacturer. It’s amazing how some subtle changes can drastically expand your product range from a brand perspective.


Different Use Cases.

Gloves are multi-faceted and find themselves in a broad range of different scenarios. As such, you can customize them to target specific use cases and then market them appropriately.

Perhaps one set of gloves is marketed for hygiene, while another is more focused on safety. Or you can go even more granular and brand different varieties according to the industry they are used for.

At the end of the day, it’s the storytelling around your gloves that will make the difference in the minds of your customers.


Varied Materials.

If you work with a manufacturer that can deliver gloves of various materials then you can offer those varieties to your customers without fuss.

Combining the different materials with white-label brands allow you to create the illusion of wide variety even though you’re sourcing it all through one manufacturer.

It’s an incredibly powerful strategy to target a wider range of customers without all the administrative burden of working with numerous other stakeholders.



These examples point to a simple and effective way to use the customization capabilities of your gloves OEM to create a wide and varied product offering for your customers.

When done well, you can nurture an entire range of gloves catering to every different use case and brand preference, without having to move mountains behind the scenes to make it happen.

Here at Nastah, this sort of customization is what we pride ourselves on. We enable our clients to achieve all the branding specificity they need while still getting top quality products and exceptional service.

There simply isn’t an easier or more effective way to start your own gloves brand. So, if this is of interest to you, be sure to get in touch and let’s start expanding your product range!


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