How to identify legit rubber gloves manufacturers from Malaysia? (Video)

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Business Strategy

As the coronavirus pandemic hit the world, the demand for rubber gloves has surged to a new high. Scammers and certain unauthorized parties are taking advantage of the global shortage of rubber gloves to attempt and commit fraud.

Rubber gloves scams are on the rise

As the pandemic continues to lead to the surging demand for rubber gloves, rubber gloves scams and fraud are on the rise.

These scams have become so prevalent that the websites of Malaysia’s three largest rubber glove makers, including Top Glove, Hartalega, and Kossan, all featuring prominent warnings and fraud alerts on their homepages.


“Malaysian Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA) has cautioned local and international buyers to stay vigilant amidst the race to purchase medical gloves, due to fraudsters and scammers having quickly emerged and harming both the genuine sellers and buyers in the industry,” as reported by The Edge Markets.

“Some members reported that fake company letters were produced to appoint bogus agents while others were prompted by customers as quoted prices soared higher and promise of delivery timeline were cut short,” said MARGMA President Denis Low.


How to identify legit rubber gloves manufacturers from Malaysia?

We will always advise buyers to check with Malaysia Rubber Glove Manufacturers Association (MARGMA) in regards to the genuineness of the gloves company they are dealing with.

MARGMA has been the official voice and advocate for the rubber glove industry in Malaysia, having collaborated closely with key Malaysian government agencies and related ASEAN trade associations to promote and protect the interests of its members and the industry. 


Lists Of Rubber Gloves Manufacturers In Malaysia

On MARGMA’s official website, there are lists of rubber gloves manufacturers readily available. You can always check on the list of their ordinary members and associate members.

Ordinary members comprise bona fide rubber glove manufacturers in Malaysia, while associate members comprise companies associated with the rubber glove manufacturing industry.

For example, since we are a genuine rubber gloves manufacturer in Malaysia, our company is listed under ordinary members. Our company’s detail is featured on MARGMA’s website as shown here, clearly showing the products and services that we provide. 

In case you are still in doubt about the company that you are dealing with, it is advisable to counter-check with direct manufacturers, or send an email to and seek for their advice.

If the deals sound too good to be true, eg. delivery timelines were cut short and come with a good amount of readily available quantity at an attractive price, you probably need to beware of it, as such tactics have been reported in the news of rubber gloves scams.  


About Nastah

If you are looking for a rubber gloves supply, feel free to drop us an inquiry here. Even though we do not supply disposable gloves, but we are ready to help!

While disposable gloves are being widely used in medical and pharmaceutical industry, reusable rubber gloves are great for sanitizing, cleaning, handling chemicals and materials. Let us know the intended usage areas of the gloves and we might be able to suggest a comparable solution for your company or market needs! 


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