Nastah Nite 19′ _ Annual Dinner

Jul 27, 2019 | Company Events

Date: 13.07.2019 

It’s time for Nastah Nite again! We like to call our annual dinner as Nastah Nite, because it is a night that deserved a great celebration for all the hard work and contribution from all the employees at Nastah in the past year, and also it’s time for Nastah to return the flavour to all the employees.

The evening dazzled right from the start with the candid photoshoot and guests were entertained with live band performances, excited games to grab the prizes and also a very good chance of winning one of the lucky draw prizes. This was a golden opportunity for Nastah staffs to dine together on sumptuous cuisine in the grand ballroom of Vistana Hotel following by a heart-warming opening speech by Mr. Wong Kee Siang, the Managing Director of Nastah Industries Sdn. Bhd.

This year, we held the dancing competition to find out who is the “Best Dancer of Nastah”! And guess what? The show is unexpectedly so entertaining and everybody enjoyed it very much! What we can say is that Nastah staffs are really talented! We are super impressed with their dancing performance!

Well, knowing that you guys must be very excited and can’t wait to see the photos of that night, let’s look back at the great photos and rewind the great memories of that glamorous night!

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