Neoprene Blended Bi-colour Gloves


Cotton Flocklined

About 320mm (12.5 Inch)

About 0.71mm (28 Mil)

General Maintenance, Janitorial & Cleaning, Construction Material Handling, General Industrial Use, Painting, Stripping.


Art NEB2812 – Neoprene Blended Flocklined Industrial Gloves

Material: Neoprene blended with natural Latex
Lining: Cotton Flocklined
Sizes available: 7-Small; 8-Medium; 9-Large; 10-Extra Large
Colours available: Blue over Yellow
Cuff: Wide
Thickness of gloves: about 0.71mm (28 Mil) (Single wall measured at back of palm)
Length of gloves: about 320mm (12.5 Inch)

NEB2113 flocked lining


  • Certified with the European Standard, these industrial gloves ensure compliance, quality, and performance
  • High chemical and oil resistance, safeguarding against potential harm and promoting safety and productivity
  • Blending neoprene with rubber, these gloves offer chemical resistance and flexibility for comfort and safety
  • Diamond pattern design enhances grip and reduces accidents, improving efficiency in various tasks
  • Wider cuff design facilitates easy donning and doffing, improving convenience and efficiency
  • Advanced flocking technology ensures comfort and reduces hand fatigue during extended use.
  • Classified as PPE category 3 gloves, they provide high-level protection in hazardous work environments
  • Type A chemical protective gloves offer superior protection against chemicals, prioritizing employee safety and compliance
NEB series
Neb Series PC