Nitrile Flocklined Gloves

Cotton Flocklined

About 380mm (15 Inch)

About 0.45mm (18 Mil)

Chemical Handling, Oil Refining, Agriculture, Food Processing, Printing Industry, Automotive Industry.


Art NF1815 – Flocklined; Patterned Grip; 18 Mil Thickness

Material: Nitrile
Lining: Cotton Flocklined
Sizes available: S; M; L; XL: XXL
Colours available: Green
Cuff: Straight
Thickness of gloves: about 0.45mm (18 Mil) (Single wall measured at back of palm)
Length of gloves: about 380mm (15 Inch)

NF flock lining


  • Made from specially formulated Acrylonitrile Butadiene compound that provides outstanding protection against a wide range of chemicals including strong detergents, greases, oils, most solvents and acids
  • Recessed diamond pattern design to offer enhanced grip and slip resistance, improving safety and efficiency in various tasks and industries
  • Test and certificated to the European Standard, guaranteeing their quality, performance, and compliance, which builds trust and confidence with customers
  • No latex protein, suitable for latex allergies users or with sensitive hands
  • Highly durable & long lasting, ensured extended usage, providing reliable and prolonged hand protection without frequent replacement
  • High chemical and oil resistance, safeguarding against a wide range of substances and promoting safety and productivity
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