The Importance of Good Quality Gloves for Chemical Protection

Back in old days, industrial workers were less likely to wear quality chemical protection gloves when they were conducting chemical handling in the industry.

Workers who have low safety awareness has caused an increase in the chemical incident to happen.

The Importance of Wearing Quality Chemical Protection Gloves in Industrial and Household Settings:

Based on some study scenarios, there are about 15,700 workers suffer from chemical burns in the workplace annually. In retail industries, about 2,600 workers suffer from chemical burns.

In the household, human tends to expose to corrosive chemicals as well when doing household work.

This has created a huge alert that wearing safety protective gear is a must to protect them from hazardous environments.

Below are some of the categories of acids and bases that are commonly handled in industries and households.

Understanding Common Acids and Their Handling in Industries and Households

Common Acids

  • Sulfuric acid: A type of common acid to use in car batteries. It is also used as a tile cleaner.
    • Nitric acid: Acid that use to produce fertilizers, adhesives, dye, and many more. It is also used as a cleaning agent in industries.
    • Hydrochloric acid: Acid that is used for pool cleaning, electroplating, textile, etc. It is a type of strong acid.

Common Alkaline or Bases

  • Sodium Hydroxide: Also known as caustic soda. Using it for soap production, drain cleaner etc. It is a type of strong base chemical.
    • Ammonia: A strong alkaline that is used for preservation.
    • Sodium Hypochlorite: Known as liquid bleach. Mainly used for household cleaning.


High Quality Chemical Resistant Gloves for Industrial Safety

Our hand is the first contact point with these dangerous chemicals. In order to keep ourselves safe, a pair of quality gloves is a must when handling dangerous chemicals.

Good quality gloves provide strong chemical resistance to those harmful chemicals, including acids, alkaline and solvents.

In some industries that are heavily involved in hazardous chemical handling, a glove which has high mechanical strength and strong chemical resistance is required.

Here at Nastah, our JOB-PLUS heavy-duty glove series has served various industrial sectors, including chemicals, lubricants, automotive, and coatings, providing high quality gloves.


Black Heavy-Duty Glove

Our NASTAH JOB-PLUS FLB2812, a black heavy-duty glove, exemplifies the superior quality of our gloves by exceeding EN374 Type A chemical resistance.

The extra thickness of Blue and Yellow Bi-Colour NASTAH JOB-PLUS NEB2113 heightened protection and safety when handling chemicals, making it an ideal choice for those seeking quality gloves.

This has provided an IDEAL SAFETY for janitorial, laundry and chemicals, agriculture, poultry, food & meat industries and light assembly applications. Neoprene coating provides EXTRA protection against strong chemicals and alkaline.


Neoprene Blended Bi-Colour Glove


Orange Heavy-Duty Glove

NASTAH JOB-PLUS FLO3312, our orange heavy-duty glove, stands out with its superior quality and high visibility, making it perfect for high-risk industrial applications.

The high colour visibility allows users to identify whether the glove is torn, especially working in complex mechanical areas.



How Well Do NASTAH JOB-PLUS Protecting Glove Users?

In order to create a strong and durable glove against chemicals, Nastah team has ventured into many efforts to ensure users’ hands’ safety.



image png Jan 16 2023 01 37 44 2987 AM

Nastah ensures the quality of its gloves by implementing a REVERSE LOZENGE DIAMOND surface finish on the palm area, enhancing grip and ensuring a secure hold for users.

Chemical Resistance

image png 2

When it comes to chemical resistance, JOB-PLUS gloves pass ISO374-1 Type A standards, showcasing their high-quality protection against hazardous substances.

Glove with stronger chemical resistance, the lesser chance chemical will penetrate through the skin.

Various range of chemical resistance also give a secure protection when handling dangerous chemicals.

Mechanical Strength

image png 3

In order to be handle chemical safely, protective glove is also required to have minimum mechanical strength.

JOB-PLUS glove meets the requirement from EN388, allow user to handle substance free from mechanical risk.

Bio-hazard Resistance

image png 4

We understand that users tend to expose to bio-hazards environment.

JOB-PLUS provide extra-ordinary protection by protecting users against bacteria, fungi, viruses and other potential dangerous microorganisms certified by ISO 374-5:2016.

Other Certifications

image png Jan 16 2023 01 23 32 0952 AM

image png Jan 16 2023 01 23 42 9639 AM

image png Jan 16 2023 01 23 55 4831 AM

About Nastah

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