The Hidden Costs Of Buying the Wrong Gloves

When you’re buying gloves it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option because you’re trying to save yourself some money.

But what you save in cost upfront, you’ll regret over the long term because there is a range of hidden costs that you simply won’t be taking into account.

We want to help you think more holistically about your glove purchases and so we thought we’d run through some of the hidden costs that come along with buying the wrong gloves.


1. The costs of replacing gloves that wear down quickly.

When you purchase cheap gloves, you aren’t getting the quality and standards of production that make for robust, long-lasting products.

As a result, these wear down quickly and you’ll find yourself having to replace them much more regularly – which have significant cost implications over time.

You’re much better off buying gloves that can stand the test of time. They might cost more upfront but they’ll save you in the long run.


2. The costs of gloves that lose their shape.

You might find that some gloves fit you perfectly when you buy them but they quickly lose their shape as you work with them. This becomes a safety hazard because you need your gloves to be form-fitting, so again it leads to you having to replace them.

High quality products will hold their shape for much longer, giving you the protection you need even after lots of rigorous usage.


3. The costs of hand injuries because you’re wearing the wrong gloves.

This is the big one of course.

When you wear the wrong gloves, you put yourself at risk of serious accidents and injuries that can occur and it can cost your company millions. It only takes one mistake here to create serious financial damage, so you really want to ensure that you have the right gloves from the outset.

Take your time to understand the risks in your environment (e.g. chemical, mechanical, sharp objects, infectious control, etc.) and select a glove that gives you the most protection against those risks.

All gloves are not created equal and a lapse in judgment here can be really devastating.


4. The costs of excess waste.

If you’re having to continually replace gloves because you’re using a sub-optimal product, you’re carrying the costs of collecting and disposing of that waste safely.

This is not a cost we often consider but it is very real and is a natural by-product of having the wrong gloves in the first place. When you purchase high-quality products instead, you limit the waste and can save yourself on those costs which can be pernicious if you’re not careful.



Those are just some of the hidden costs that you’ll incur when you are buying the wrong gloves. With just a little bit of research and by working with the right partner, you can avoid all of these and save yourself a lot of money on the back end.

Nastah can be that partner for you. We’ve been manufacturing gloves for a long time now and we have a good lay of the land – to help you select the right options for your use case.

Get in touch with us and we’d be more than happy to help you pick the right solution and save you that money so you can deploy it elsewhere.


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