Household Gloves: Why Choosing the Right Pair is Crucial for Your Safety



Have you ever wondered why there are many types of household gloves distributing in the market?

For those who have experiences in buying household gloves in the market, you will have a TRAUMA because there are too many selections! However, when you try it at home, the gloves wearing experiences are not as good as expected.

Before buying the gloves, we need to understand what are the features that we are looking for.

  • The grip?
  • Can the glove resistance to weak acid, lye or liquid bleach?
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST, there are so many colours, how to choose?


The Importance of a Secure Grip in Household Gloves

Our reversed lozenge diamond texture provides better grip support, so that you can handle smooth object easily, even in wet glove condition.


Enhancing Protection With Chemical-Resistant Household Gloves

At home, the most common chemicals that we are in contact with are weak acid, base or solvents and there is a necessity to wear gloves before handling these stuffs.
Below is the list of common chemicals that will be handle in a house:

  1. Vinegar
    2. Sulfuric acid in drain cleaner
    3. Batteries acid (wet battery)
    4. Borax
    5. Chlorine Bleach
    6. Lye
    7. Detergents

Here at Nastah, our gloves are certified with EN374, which are protecting users from exposing to dangerous chemicals. 

Exploring Colour Options for Household Gloves

Colour is always a tone that attract human eye. In order to meet the demand from customers, we have launched our new series of gloves, which is the Pastel Colour Series. Pastel colour offers different sensational feel to human.

Introducing The New Launch: Pastel Colour Series For Household Gloves

NASTAH has launched 4 Pastel Colour Series – Green, Lavender, Peach, and Blue

Pastel Green (PGFL3) 
The light green colour glove provide user a sensational view of the gloves as it has simulated the colour of MINT.

Pastel Lavender (PLFL3) 
The lavender colour glove makes your hand feels calm and refreshing, even when you are doing housework for the whole day!

Pastel Peach (PPFL3) 
If you like peach colour glove, it shows that you are pleasant, energetic and cheerful. You are ENERGETIC using pastel peach glove, even after done housework for entire day!

Pastel Blue (PBFL3)
The eye soothing blue colour make you feels calm as the colour has mimic the colour of SKY.


NASTAH Pastel Green Household Rubber Gloves

  Pastel Green (PGFL3)      

NASTAH Pastel Peach Household Rubber Gloves

 Pastel Peach (PPFL3)

NASTAH Pastel Lavender Household Rubber Gloves

Pastel Lavender (PLFL3)    

NASTAH Pastel Blue Household Rubber Gloves

   Pastel Blue (PBFL3)        


Choosing a correct glove is AS IMPORTANT AS BUYING A CORRECT TOOL for your applications.

Click here to talk with our experts for your ideal gloves.

With over 35 years of experiences, Nastah works hand-in-hand with our customers to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Our quality gloves have been exported to over 50 countries worldwide since 1987.

Your satisfactory is our PRIORITY.

WHY WAIT? Discuss with our experts to get your quality glove TODAY with Nastah!

Think on Hand Protection, Think about Nastah.

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