How to Prevent Foodborne Illness

One of the biggest threats to any business working in the food industry is for a foodborne disease to develop due to poor safety and hygiene standards.

Not only does this cause significant reputational damage for the company involved, but it also can have dire health consequences for the customers of that brand – which is something we want to avoid at all costs.

As such, here are some of the most important principles to keep in mind if you want to prevent foodborne illnesses of all kinds.


1. Wash Your Hands.

The first line of defense against all sorts of foodborne illnesses is to wash your hands vigorously and regularly if you are in the food industry.

Be sure to wash for at least 20 seconds using a suitable hand soap in order to get the required hygiene benefits. It’s simple but incredibly effective – so make sure it is a key component of your day-to-day routines.


2. Handle Raw Food Products With Gloves.

In order to avoid contaminating food products with any bacteria that you might be carrying on your hands, it’s good practice to use high-quality reusable rubber gloves whenever you’re handling raw food of any kind.

This also helps to make sure that the food is left untouched by your staff which minimizes the chances of infection.


3. Use Clean and Sanitized Utensils.

Every tool that you use throughout the food preparation process should be cleaned and sanitized regularly to avoid unknowingly spreading pathogens.

This is extremely important at the beginning and end of every shift so that there isn’t any carry-over from the previous session.

Spend some time working through the entire preparation station to ensure that everything is as it should be before you start. This discipline makes for a much more hygienic value chain and reduces the risk of foodborne illness.


4. Never Use Foods Beyond Their Expiry Date.

Contrary to some views, expiry dates are there for a reason and it’s important that you adhere to them at all times.

Whenever you are preparing a food item, ensure that it is well within its expiry date and err on the side of caution. In addition, if you look at a portion of food and something seems off about it, trust your gut. It’s much better to be safe than sorry.



Those are just some of the ways that you can help to prevent foodborne illness in your company – but at the end of the day it comes down to doing the small things right consistently.

This needs to be part of your company culture so that you set a high standard for yourself, and you can avoid a lot of the bigger problems down the road.


About Nastah

If you’re looking for high-quality reusable gloves to help you maintain a clean and hygienic operation, then be sure to check out what we have here at Nastah. We are proud producers of a range of different product options, all of which can help you reduce the risk of illness and promote healthy food preparation throughout your organization.

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